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A Message From The Gladney President:

GFA membership is all about connection – connecting to other families who share the bond of adoption, who know firsthand the perseverance involved in the process, and who have an appreciation for what Gladney stands for – integrity, quality and tradition. Being a part of the GFA is not only a way to stay connected to Gladney and other adoptive families, but it’s also an opportunity to give back to the organization that helped create your family - offering your time and resources to support fund-raising events, serving as mentors to waiting couples, and just generally playing the role of a Gladney ambassador. Like me, I imagine you want to ensure that Gladney is there for your kids and continues to thrive for many years to come. That’s why I chose to be a GFA Lifetime Member. I count it a privilege to provide sustained support for the organization that enabled Rebecca and me to have a family.

Frank Garrott


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GFA Membership is:


Families supporting families - people of all ages and in all stages of parenting. Many share similar adoption experiences and all share a love of family.

Families who believe in and promote Domestic and Inter-Country adoption in their local communities - through their schools, places of worship, among friends and strangers.

Families who are grateful for their children and thankful for the people who came before them who made The Gladney Center possible.

Families who want other couples who share similar hopes and dreams to experience the joy of parenting.

Families from all of Gladney's many adoption programs –Agency Assisted, Inter-Country, ABC and New Beginnings.

GFA Event Spotlight

Basketball for a Cause!


Tickets prices start at just $35.00.  To register, please call Mandie Brock at the Dallas Mavericks at 214-658-7133!



GFA Fundraiser Spotlight

San Antonio Dancing Hearts 2015

The San Antonio GFA invites you to join us for the 5th Annual Dancing Hearts Event.  Saturday, February 7, at the San Antonio Country Club.  Click here to register for this wonderful evening celebrating Daddies, Daughters and Adoption! 









Upcoming Gladney GFA Events


Below are just a few of the fun events that GFA's across the country have planned for the upcoming months.  For a complete list of events in your GFA area, click here or go to the Calendar of Events.  We hope that you will take advantage of these opportunities to spend time with and get to know other Gladney families.  If you have ideas for interesting, fun or educational events, please contact your local GFA President!





Dallas Girls Night Out

Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar - 7:00 PM



North Carolina Tea with Edna

Mumford home - 2 PM



Fort Worth Annual Placement Dinner

Cattlemen's Steak House - 6:30 PM

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